Every trip is an opportunity to discover a whole new place in the world and sometimes even without visiting it! It’s your imagination that urges to travel to unseen places and discover a different culture, a new landscape and an exciting destination.

After Berlin, Chicago and Bari, we are travelling to Modena through the eyes of @alefaccior (or else, Alessio) that was willing to tour us in such a beautiful Italian city! We discovered Modena at first through his Instagram account and we were instantly impressed by the beauty it offered to any kind of visitor. Let’s start exploring it!

I imagined a day trip in Modena, from the morning to the night, so the photos are organised in this way :)

Arriving in the heart of Modena you can surely see the Ghirlandina showing up from the top of the buildings. The Ghirlandina Tower is the symbol of Modena, built during the whole period of the High Middle Ages.


Going through the several medieval alleys of the city centre, you will wind up in the principal square of the city, the huge “Piazza Grande”, mainly composed by the Cathedral (left) and the city hall (right).


Remember to turn your head up when you are near the square, cause you cannot miss seeing the facade of the Modena Cathedral, with its huge rose window!


As every city on the Earth, Modena has to be explored in the early morning. People are sleeping, the city too. First of all you could walk through this road, Via Farini, toward to the Ducal Palace of Modena.


Here you are, at the end of Via Farini. The Ducal Palace of Modena is in front of you! Now the palace houses the Military Academy of Modena, known as the first military institution to be created in the world.


It rains in Modena? No problem, the whole city centre is covered by a striking number of arcades that offers you remarkable perspectives views. You can keep walking!


In case you would decide to stop in Modena for more than one day, probably you would taste some delicious and genuine Italian products, without going in the usual supermarket. The historical Albinelli Market is the way!


A palace after an other palace, a colour after another colour. Buildings will not annoy you, never.


Ferrari -yes, the incredible company that constructs cars almost everyone dreams about- was founded in Modena by Enzo Ferrari in 1947 (historical 1929). So you cannot lose the MEF (Museo Enzo Ferrari) not so far from the city centre.


Modena has numerous churches, but, in my opinion, there is one church that exceeds the others and has to be seen. On the outside it is medieval, simple and almost poor. Inside it is baroque, rich and colossal.


Lights are on and walking during the night is discover the city with other eyes. This is the Via Emilia, the main road, that crosses the entire city. It was a little bit old, cause it was completed by the Roman consul Marcus Aemilius Lepidus in 187 BC.


If you want to drink something or eat typical products in Modena, you can chose among lots of Italian restaurants but also cheap and suggestive pubs, like the one in the photo.


At the end of the city centre, in an huge square called Largo Garibaldi there is a remarkable fountain symbolising two important rivers around Modena, “La Fontana dei due fiumi”. This is Panaro, the river represented with a male sculpture.


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