We are happy to explore the first destination from the United States, especially when it’s a popular choice of travel that we would all love for a different reason. We are happy to have Diana (@toandfrom) as our tour guide to Chicago and we already feel the urge to visit it!Travel Chicago in the eyes of @toandfrom

Chicago is among the most popular cities in the United States, being the third most populous city after New York and Los Angeles. As a place-to-be for sports, technology, finance, business, commerce, each visitor enjoys a different aspect of it, promising that you won’t get bored! From its amazing architecture, to theater, sports, arts, and parks, the so-called “Windy City” is a great example of a modern city that you cannot resist!

And of course, don’t forget the famous deep-dish pizza among all the great tastes you’ll discover!

Let’s travel Chicago in the eyes of @toandfrom then!

Visiting The Windy City? Summer is arguably the best time to come to Chicago, and if you haven’t visited before, here is my short list of things to see & do.


I remember when Cloud Gate first came into town. People didn’t get it, but now, it’s pretty safe to call it a Chicago Must See. Approach the sculpture, pull out your camera and take a selfie of your reflection off The Bean. Afterwards, walk around Millennium Park, and if you’d like, head up the Nichols Bridgeway which will take you to the….

cloud-gate ….Art Institute! AI was named the best museum in the world last year by TripAdvisor. There’s a reason for it. Go visit. [This is the Modern Wing you’re looking at.]

modern-wingThe Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is another place I enjoy. Right now the “S, M, L, XL” exhibit features a hot air balloon that you can walk into. Cool!

mca-2 Speaking of art, the Pilsen neighborhood is filled with beautiful, colorful street art.

hello-floyd-igChicago is renowned for its architecture. You could walk around town and explore the various buildings, but if the weather is nice, hop on a boat and take an architecture tour down the Chicago River.

architecture-tourThe best way to get around the downtown area? The el. Purchase a Ventra card and hop on!


My favorite spot in the city is Montrose Harbor. It’s a quieter area (compared to other places along the lake) so I like to pretend that the view is all mine to enjoy. :)


Of course, you can’t come to Chicago and not get high. For the quintessential Chicago experience, I’ll have to direct you to the Sears Tower (officially called “Willis Tower” but locals will probably give you a funny look if you call it that). If you’re not afraid of heights, step out onto The Ledge. Try not to think about the fact that you’re 1300+ ft up in the air.


My guess is you know about the pizza in Chicago. How about Ethiopian pizza? Ok, that doesn’t really exist, but I do love Ethiopian food. I don’t get it often, so it’s always a treat when I visit one of my favorite two places – Demera and Ethiopian Diamond. Yum!


“Are you a Cubs or Sox fan?” This might be a bit of a controversial question in Chicago. However, I’ll have to encourage you to visit one of the oldest baseball stadiums and make a day of it at Wrigley Field. (The bars & restaurants that surround the stadium also make Wrigleyville a fun neighborhood on game day.)


So….it’s a little touristy but I add Navy Pier to the list because who can pass up people watching AND a 150-ft ferris wheel????



How was the ride? :-)

Travel Chicago in the eyes of @toandfrom

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