Travel Bari any time of the year and you’ll be surprised with the beauty you’ll find. We were very happy to discover Bari through the eyes of Roberta (@sherlockfall) and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Bari is not always among the first choices when you think of Italian destinations and it’s time to learn more about this wonderful city. Bari is the capital of Puglia and is among the most popular cities in Southern Italy, coming second as an economic centre after Naples. Its port is an integral part of the city for many centuries and it connects Italy with many neighbouring countries.Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet

A walk through the historical Old Bari (or Bari Vecchia) takes you back to the medieval times, while there is always a good reason to stroll on the crowded piazzas around the town. What’s more, don’t forget to visit the famous Basilica di San Nicola, which is dedicated to St. Nicholas and was built in the eleventh century.

Let’s explore Bari with Roberta!

We are people who love the sea. We let ourselves inebriate by its scent, we stop to watch it every morning if we have the chance. The sea has grown us and has taught us that watch it and appreciate it will always be good and right

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet


Every morning you’ll find at the sea fishermen who screams out loudly and insist to make you taste something delicious!

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet According to everyone who visits this city, Bari looks like Paris for its architecture, style and big streets. In fact, a popular and ironic way of saying is: “If Paris had the sea, it would be a little Bari”

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall The “Lungomare of Bari” is a meeting place for young and old, perfect for a long walk enlivened by the presence of the sea. It is 15km long and its famous and characteristic lamp posts are 197.

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet

The Petruzzelli Theatre is one of the grandest opera houses in Italy. Before the big arson in 1991, which destroyed it, in 2009 the theatre was reconstructed and reopened.

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet The Basilica of Saint Nicholas, is an important pilgrimage destination and its beauty makes it irresistible for every tourist.

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet

Bari is also Bari Vecchia, the old town, full of traditions, legends and flavors of the past.

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet


Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet

It’s nice to get lost in the streets of Bari Vecchia. There is the scent of fresh pasta and freshly stretched laundered, the laughter of children playing soccer and the inevitable Vespa hidden in every alley.

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet

The month of May in Bari is dedicated to the celebration in honor of St. Nicholas, the saint patron of the city.

Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet Bari is also known for the amazing food! Here we have the best “focaccia” of the world and “orecchiette” a homemade type of pasta that you can find only here!      Travel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnetTravel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnetTravel Bari in the eyes of @sherlockfall for @printlnet

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