We are moving in very fast speed, everything changes in just a second and technology is here to stay. Our photography habits have significantly changed within the past years and it seems that they will change even more in the future.

All you need is keep your smartphone handy, in order to take a shoot of a new moment, sharing it within a second with all your friends through social media. Your albums are now digital, stored on your mobile, your cloud storage or your computer. It’s easier than ever to find the photo you’re looking for any minute and show it to your friends through your mobile screen. However, there is something missing. Don’t you feel it?

Gone are the days for many users that they were printing their camera films, anticipating to see their photos printed and see what they shot. Photo stores were abundant and films were still much needed. These days are long gone, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t miss them.

Technology is great and has improved our lives in so many ways, but don’t you feel that a memory is better preserved when holding that moment in your actual hands? We are human beings and we react better when we increase the number of senses we use for each object. That’s why we get more emotional when we print an actual picture, keeping that memory forever.

Printl Instagram photos printing

Think of it, what’s the life span for a photo stored on your mobile, comparing to a printed one, decorated on your wall?

What’s more, how do you feel prouder when taking a great shot? Showing it on Instagram or hanging it on your living room?

There are many romantics out there and printing pictures, especially Instagram photos, is now trending again.

We are glad to be romantics in terms of photography and we never regretted it.

It’s great to advance and try out anything current, but some things from the past are good to still be around. Think of it, that’s the reason hipsters are around! It’s the appreciation of the older things that made are lives complete.

This appreciation is what keeps us going, pushing ourselves to take more pics, to use our camera and our smartphones even more, but still to preserve our best memories outside our iPhoto collection.

Printl Instagram photos printing

Some things don’t have to change, right? :-)

The psychology of (still) printing pictures

Keep inspiring us. Keep PRINTLing!