After the successful attempt to describe summer in pictures 2 weeks ago, we decided to create another photo collection for summer, just before we say goodbye to our favorite season! Many users contacted us, in order to be part of our next summer photo collection and here it is then!

There’s something about summer that boosts your mood and makes you enjoy every single moment. However, it’s that time of the year again when school is starting, holidays are over and we simply cannot let go of our summer spirit. Don’t worry, autumn has its own unique beauty, so get ready for a season with new colors and new opportunities for photography! For now, let’s pay a tribute to another great summer, full of sun, fun, water and sand!

Favorite Instagram hashtags for summer: #sun, #beach, #summer, #instasummer, #cloudporn, #tan, #friends

What about yours? What’s your favorite summer photography, or Instagram hashtag?

If you really had a great summer (and love Instagram just like us), make sure you Printl every single moment of your new experiences and decorate your house, in an attempt to keep summer a little bit longer!

Picture by Daniel Ruswick

Photo by Daniel Ruswick, photo collection by @printlnet

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