It seems like an easy question, but in fact, it’s not. How do you answer on what photography really means to you? Is it a hobby? Is it a passion? Is it an expression? Is it a getaway?

We decided to ask our fellow Printl community, since we know their love about photography to see how others view it.

Photography is an art that addresses everyone that is willing to notice the details and experience life from another point of view. It’s not easy seeing through a lens, distorting, magnifying or editing reality. When you manage to achieve it though, you know how your life changes! – PRINTL


What does photography mean to you?

For me means sharing inspiration brotherhood. than we have in common the desire to know and learn about new places. Good day friends! – mario_hevo

For me photography means peace :) – hamzamustafa92

Photography to me, in a way, is time-travelling. It is physical evidence of a past time in which we capture, in order to remember forever. – taylahnilsson

For me photography is the best way to show someone your point of view, what you are and what you think. It’s also a way to immortalize moments and emotions that you can remember and share with others. Photography is not just an hobby; it’s a way of thinking! – @bennydannyphotos

What does photography mean to you?

Photography to me is sharing in a caring way to show your world, know others and have a constant flow of ideas. Great idea, have a great day. – killbilla

For me, photography is a passion. It’s a way for me to capture moments forever and share with the world. There is so much beauty out there that we take for granted and I feel that the lens can do such a wonderful job capturing that beauty. In our busy lives, it’s easy to pass those moments by and forget they even happened. But with photography, we can document those moments for an eternity. – @kewiki

In my opinion, photography means moments, search and discovering harmony and balance. – irinaglik

It’s a magnifying glass for my heart on the reality. – veneriale

What does photography mean to you?


Photography for me is an escape from everyday life and thus I can express feelings, thoughts, and a different point of view of life. It is my corner of intimacy, my way of expressing myself, to capture the beauty, to capture unique moments, an escape from certain realities or completely immerse myself in them. – @itss_onlyrob

For me photography is a way to see the world with another point of view, probably a world without sadness, problems. I imagine a world that is not black and white but full of colors, joy and fun. – @vittomotta

Photography is a light painting. It’s a tool for me to paint my heart’s emotions out with things or views around me. – @onerwan

Instant moment, creativity, different perception of life and a good way to stay connected with your environment. – @freeland

It’s a way to express myself and creativity. Photography is more about creating art that creates a deeper meaning. I see everything as beautiful no matter how ordinary it is. Photography connects us to the real world in the most unique way. – @ziiarch

Photography to me means a place where I can go and be happy, creative and meet nice people. I currently do photography part-time and growing. It makes me very happy to work with photography because I enjoy it so much that I always feel like I am getting paid to have fun, which is great. The last few years have been amazing and photography has changed my life for sure in many ways. – @cavasottiphoto


Thanks for your participation! We really enjoyed this discussion and we’ll definitely have a new one soon!

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