We are celebrating the arrival of Autumn with a special photo project on Instagram, that’s why we are asking for your participation.

Autumn is an inspiring time of the year for fascinating images, colourful shots, new emotions and great experiences. Autumn may be completely different from each one of you, depending on your current location. Share with us your favorite shot from autumn, be featured on our special Pinterest board and get the chance to win a FREE 1-month of Printl subscription.

Let’s turn this Instagram photo project into a new way to bond, meet new photographers, share your shots and promote all your inspiring photos! We all share the passion about photography and here’s the proof to show it once again!


Here’s what you need to do:

1) Upload on your Instagram account a picture that is related to your kind of Autumn.

2) Add the hashtag #printl_autumn



1) All the photographs with the hashtag will be added on our special Pinterest board: ‘Printl Autumn Photo Project’

2) One lucky winner gets for FREE 1-month subscription for Printl, receiving his/her 10 most popular Instagram pics.

3) The photo project will last at least for the whole September. If we are all happy, it may last for a little bit longer! :)


Start posting your amazing photos!


UPDATE: The winner of the contest was @erica_mengouchian who submitted 8 amazing photos and we didn’t even pick one as our favorite, loving them all! Congratulations!


Congratulations to @erica_mengouchian for being our first contest winner! ✌️