Every interview is a new encounter with people all over the world, discovering them on Instagram and admiring their photography skills. This time we chatted with Instagram photographer Julian, a 24-year old visual artist from Germany, known as @simbayu. Let’s learn more about him!

Julian about himself:

I’m very ambitious in this part of showing vision and ideas to the world and the environment.
I’m a 24-year old visual artist and people photographer from Germany and will stay in Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnetHelsinki for the next 4 months. I just use ‘Simbayu’ as my expression of my work, kinda like an adjective and person in one. I chose people photography, because I really like the excitement of how people act and look differently in this world, with capturing it with my own eyes and style of expression. Every time I’m choosing my pictures I’m looking for a story to tell about the meeting and shooting. I express my emotions mostly with colors and looks. Sometimes i add a playlist with suitable tracks to the story into the whole idea. My goal is to have a story, with includes all senses a human and a bird have in common – eyes and ears. To communicate i use sounds, which can be remind u on the images or project. The other half of my photography is seeing cities. I love to express a city how i saw it. Im always look forward to choose to right colors for the right feeling i have, when I’m thinking about my visit.

Interview with @Simbayu:

What does photography mean to you?

With photography I can escape from the hectic life and jumping right to a world of loosing every problems and all worries. Just being with the moment you try to capture with your own eyes.

When was the first picture you‘ve ever taken?

I can’t remember it, but I guess it has been the most remarkable moment in my childhood. But I’m sure it was my dad’s fault!

How did you come up with “Simbayu”?

My travelling and love for music compares perfectly to the attributes of a bird. Simbayu is the nickname for the bird that lives in me. A bird who spreads out his wings to start travelling around the world, while looking for remarkable persons and new inspirations in art.

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

Why did you decide to focus on people photography?

I love to have company and being with different kinds of people – especially with remarkable characters and faces. I’m always excited about how people express themselves on your images afterwards.

What‘s the best story you‘ve ever heard while shooting?

Yesterday I had to shoot images of 3 DJs for a big music magazine. One of those guys was just 18. I was very impressed of his acting to music -I felt a big love. He told me about how he’s getting into that music, his influence and being on a big european tour now.

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

You seem to use colours as a way of expression. Could you pick just one colour as your favorite?

I’m sure its blue, because I’m going to Helsinki for this summer. Blue always was my favorite color, but ironically I never used it on my images. Mostly more kinda like a hazelnut-brown colorway.

How did you come up with the idea of adding music to a story?

With music I can jump right into the world I need for seeing the story of the images I took. It’s the best expression of a story for me, because I’m not the writing type of person. I will transform melodies, to express the mood.

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

You also seem to enjoy city photography. Do you have a favorite city?

My village and the enviroment on the lake of constance. I was born and raised here. It’s a blessing, when I’m back from big cities to enjoy the silence of nature. In addition to this I fell in love with Scandinavia, the most beautiful place to take pictures, even in the city or from the culture in the landscapes. But now I will stay in Helsinki for 4 months…

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

You should definitely “guide” us in one travelogue soon!

Sure, if you remember me. I will be having a lot of plans for my stay in Helsinki. Lets see what happen the next few months ;)

When did you join on Instagram?

About 2 years ago I guess. Maybe like 3 months after the release of the app.

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

What‘s the secret for a successful Instagram presence for a photographer?

Being yourself. Go right after your feelings and be natural. Don’t get caught because of a competition or the thoughts: “I need to post every day a picture.”  I hate that, because I get tired of seeing the same look and style everyday. Stay in life, don’t post everyday! Without life there are no new steps, you can surprise and inspire people with your work.

How do you find inspiration?

On the Vsco Grid. There are just simple photographers and people with the minimalistic look I prefer. There are always good vibes in the colors, too. I love to see so much different type of looks. Instagram is just advertising!

Which hashtag do you use more?

I guess women or girl :D

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

Which one of your photos would you consider your most interesting for you personally?

The rows of the images from Malik. It’s a simple photo spread with focus on a great character in the middle of Munich, combined with a retro look of the first times of cameras.

Interview with photographer @simbayu for @printlnet

What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

To be happy with it!

If you had to pick now your next photo journey, what would that be?

I’m looking forward to discover Scandinavia for now. But I don’t know where I will start my first journey, while I’m staying there. It will just happen.

What do you think about the idea of printing Instagram photos via Printl? :)

Great. I love to share memories in my own hands or on the wall in my room. It’s a special way to express the moments happening in these images.

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