Our brand new interview is with the Instagram user @legoprojectphoto, which is an account about their passion about Lego figures. You might be surprised with the number of figures and sceneries this account offers and if you happen to like/love Legos, this one is for you!

-What does photography mean to you?

We are a couple in the real life, so at the beginning taking photos was for us just a method to fixed our moments together, but when we started taking Lego’s pics, photography went a way to express our creativity sharing with people the beautiful destinations we decide to visit for our photo-trip!

-How did you come up with the idea of a Lego project?

During a winter afternoon we were wandering on the net and among the pics of a wedding photo-feature we noticed two little yellow Lego mini figures that have in their hands the wedding rings, the day after we took our first Lego photo!

Interview with Instagram user @legoprojectphoto for @printlnet

-What it’s like seeing life in a Lego perspective?

A famous Italian poet says that you have to look around you always with children’s eyes, seeing life in Lego perspective is a sort of the same thing, you come back to your childhood and even things seen times to times can appear new and unusual. How many times did you see a boat? But how often did you feel so small in front of it?

Interview with Instagram user @legoprojectphoto for @printlnet

-Was Instagram the first social network you created for your project?

Yes, it is, now we are also on Facebook.  

-Which hashtag do you use more?

Obviously the first one is always ‪#‎Lego‬ and others correlated with Lego creations, but also ‪#‎igersitalia‬ and particularly ‪#‎igersancona‬

-What’s the secret to a successful photo combining a figure and a scenery?

We think the scenery has to be sensational, but to find a coordinate Mini figure is the secret, as the fisherman in front of the light house or the sailor on an abandoned boat.
Interview with Instagram user @legoprojectphoto for @printlnet

-How do you find inspiration for your next Lego photo?

We don’t decide today what kind of pic we’ll take tomorrow, we wake up, get out the bed and go out!

-How many mini lego figures do you have? :)

We have lots of Lego mini figures, from our childhood, but now, a toyshop’s letting us borrow some Lego mini figures when we need some strange ones.

Interview with Instagram user @legoprojectphoto for @printlnet

-What’s your favorite photo that means something more to you?

The one we have to do tomorrow, and if you ask us the same question tomorrow we’ll say the same because taking photos is a way to find time for each other and go out and relax ourself discovering something new not only around us, but also inside!

-How many trips have you done for your project?

Maybe five or six, but the next one starts tomorrow morning!

Interview with Instagram user @legoprojectphoto for @printlnet

-Is there a dream trip you’d like to pursue with your Lego friends? :)

Our dream is to visit the Nordic countries, and obviously all the Legoland parks!

Interview with Instagram user @legoprojectphoto for @printlnet

-What do you think about printing Instagram photos via Printl?

We’re in love with your project because Instagram started from the idea to repurpose the polaroid frame, so what kind of better way to print Instagram photos?!

Printl displays

Thank you again for the opportunity!

Keep inspiring us. Keep PRINTLing!

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