We were happy to chat with a great Instagram user, @fp_nacchia, or else Francesco Paolo Nacchia from Salerno, Italy on his passion about photography and what drives him to capture life through his unique creativity. Time to learn more about him!

– What does photography mean to you?

Photography is something special for me, I’m color blind and I don’t recognize colors but when I hold a camera I feel free and I always try to convey what I see with my photographs, it’s the best way to stop time and remember forever.

Interview with Instagram user @fp_nacchia

– Do you remember the first picture you’ve ever taken?

My first photo I took it when I was ten years old on the beach , I love the sea.

– When did you join Instagram?

I joined on Instagram two years ago.

– What’s the secret for a successful Instagram presence?

The secret of success depends greatly on the quality of the pics, the creativity and involvement with the Instagram community (likes, comments).

– How do you find inspiration?

Inspiration always comes suddenly, when I walk down the street or observe objects, I think in my head how I would photograph them until I find the right way to create something different. I love this.

– How did you create your own community on Instagram?

For me it was a real surprise to see how people like my pics, this is important because it pushes me to improve and make photos more creative and better quality.

– Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

The magnitude of Instagram is that you can travel through the images of other people and dream that one day you would like to visit and see, I think that a profile to look is surely  @dave.krugman

– Which hashtag do you use more?

#vscocam #whatitalyis #thatsdarling #igersitalia

– Camera vs mobile. Which one do you prefer?

Very often my shots are taken during work breaks so it’s hard to always have with me the camera for this I prefer to use the iphone.

– Which one of your photos would you consider your most interesting for you personally?

It is very difficult to choose one  photo that is representative of the way I take pictures because each image gives me an emotion, but the pic that I entered is definitely one of my favorites because it makes me feel free.

– What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

Photography gives me a great desire to travel and make millions of photos, know people, meet them, I’d love to visit every country in the world that is my dream

– If you had to pick now your next photo journey, what would that be?

I would love to visit Japan and the first photo at the airport would be in black and white, to know a new culture to photograph the faces of people, I hope in the future that the dream comes true.  

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– What do you think about printing Instagram photos via Printl? 

I think it’s a wonderful way to turn your memories in stunning photos, the polaroid format is really great and the quality of printed images is fantastic.