Carlo is popular on Instagram as @finnanofenno and is known for his endless (and colourful) creativity, always on a clever and inspiring way. By the time you discover his account, you are fascinated by his feed and we simply wanted to learn more about him. We’re glad we did!

Interview with Instagram user @finnanofenno

– What does photography mean to you?

Photography shows to the other people what you see with your eyes. It’s an instrument that can give part of yourself to other people and show who you are. So Photography is a part of our soul like drawings, paint, collage and arts in general.

– When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

The first pic I took was three years ago and it was a photo of my dark hair.

Interview with Instagram photographer @finnanofenno

– When did you join Instagram?

I joined Instagram 3 years ago;

– What do you like most about Instagram?

I like most the fact that with just one click (or touch of a screen) you can share yourself with all the world using an image.

Interview with Instagram photographer @finnanofenno

– What do you think is the secret to success for Instagram?

I think that the secret is about the perfect photo: excellent quality, meaningful and original.

– You seem to be passionate about cars. How did this start?

Yes, I seem, but is not so true. I like cars as normal people, but I don’t know why I like to draw on car photos and I really love the result. So I don’t know when it started, because is not a real mania.

Interview with Instagram photographer @finnanofenno

– We really love the captions you use on each image. How do you come up with this combination of serious issues and humor?

I take inspiration from my life, from weather , from my family, friends, films but in a non sense and humourous way that I call “grotesque”. I don’t know how it happen, but it happen.

– How do you find inspiration for your next photo?

I find inspiration from the photo itself. I start from the car photo and then, after watching it, I’ll think about a draw that can be good for that car.

Interview with Instagram photographer @finnanofenno

– Which social issue would you like to bring even more to the surface through your images?

It’s easy to speak about pollution and ecologic problems with car photos, but seriously there are no social issues that I want to explain to other people. And this is really the best thing about photography and images: you can tell what you want by using them and I do the same.

– You seem to like using colors. Which one is your favorite? Can you really pick one actually?

I like all pastels colors and you’re right: it’s impossible to choose one right now because I like all, but not in the same time. Some days I like one, the day after another.

Interview with Instagram photographer @finnanofenno

– Which hashtag do you use more?

#finnycar for sure

– What’s your biggest dream relevant to your creations?

My biggest dream is to paint these images in buildings all over the world!

Interview with Instagram photographer @finnanofenno

– What do you think about printing Instagram photos via Printl?

I think that is really a cool and important way to save images. We use to save our images in our telephone or computer and often we forget to watch our photos just because “we will watch later, we have all in the telephone” but is not true. So having the same image printed is fundamental now and Printl gives us this incredible opportunity and in the best quality possible.

Keep inspiring us. Keep PRINTLing!

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