Here is another great interview, this time with two girls from Norway that are passionate about several interesting things. Madeleine (@birdmadeleine) and Emilie Hamn (@artphotographer17) are twin sisters and they both have in common their passion for arts and Instagram. Madeleine is more interested in music, using it as a way to express herself, while Emilie loves photography (and uses Madeleine as her model!).

They love the art of storytelling through their photos, expressing themselves, hoping to reach more people through them. It’s about sharing their memories and inspiration with the rest and they seem to achieve it very successfully.

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

Let’s hear from them!

Hey girls, do you remember when was the first photo you’ve ever taken?

That was a long time ago, but it is a memory that started our amazing photography journey. Emilie had been taking photos for a long time, mostly of the forest, animals and unique flowers. One day after school, I was working on homework in music, and my Emilie (@artphotographer17) had recently starting using photoshop. Therefore, she asked me if I wanted to take a walk with her to a little forest, 5 minutes from our bedsit. That little place was a start of our magical journey. We took our first photo by a tree, and I was wearing a traditional Norwegian knitted sweater called Mariusgenser. In addition, I was lifting my head up, closed my eyes and listened to the silence of nature. And I remember like the time stood still and it was just the two of us, trying to express our feelings. And we kept taking more and more photos, and more and more feedback.

“it was just the two of us, trying to express our feelings”

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

Emilie (@artphotographer17), what does photography mean to you?

Photography means the world to me. I just love to take photos and inspire others. When I’m taking photos with my sister in the forest, we always get inspiration and can show your art to
people. Taking photos has always being a way of expressing feelings and show people who I am.

I received my first camera when I was 14 and quickly got interested in photography. When I started, taking photos with my sister at high school in a place called Sandane were I studied health- and social; I started to bring my camera with me in the nature and started taking photos. The Second year at high school we both started to take photos together. I got a program called Photoshop and started to experiment with editing, and created my own artistic photos. In the beginning at our photography journey, we took photos of the nature, often the small things that I took close-up of. After a while, this gave me ideas about other expressions, and when I starting editing photos I could create my own art and do not care what other think of us. We took many photos in a place called Bremanger were we are often, in Florø were our grandparents live. We get inspiration from music, art, nature, fairytales and memories from our childhood.

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

Madeleine (@birdmadeleine), how do you combine music with art?

Music has always being a big part of my life. It is a way of being different and express feelings. I started to sing when I was 5 years old and played piano since I was 10 years old. I have been studying music in a high-school in a place called Sandane in Norway, and this year is my senior year. I remember when I sat on the bus on my way home from school and listened to music with my headphones and looked out at the beautiful nature, I always wanted to stop the time and express the silence and the magic of the music combine with nature. And there is what it started. I started to bring my phone with me when me and my sister took photos, so we could listen to the music. Then we tried to express the music through our imagination. We wanted to mix music, art, and nature and memories together. We use to collaborate on the images to take. By linking together the art of photography and the magic of music, we feel that we are ready to create something new and different. A separate creative expression. We get a lot of ideas and thoughts from nature. There we can let our emotions free. So music is very important for me if we are planning to take photos together.

How do you both find inspiration?

We find our inspiration through Music, art, nature, fairytales and memories from our childhood.

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

How do you combine music, art, and photography?

We use our imagination and bring some elements from music and art into photography. It has become our characteristics on Instagram. An example of a photography with combination of art, music and photography is when I (Madeleine) was holding a traditional famous Norwegian painting called: “Brudeferden I Hardanger” and I’m wearing the Norwegian sweather: Mariusgenser on a beach called Grotlesanden I Bremanger. And it’s inspired by elements of Norwegian folk music.

You seem to love storytelling (as we do). Why do you think is it so important for each photo to tell a story?

It’s important for us to inspire others and express ourselves. When we publish our photos on Instagram we don’t write a lot of words only a sentence, and sometimes only a word. That’s because we want people to associate, and interpret the image in its own way. That’s very important to us. Each photo by us is showing an emotion and a story behind it, and it’s the most important value in our photos. Many of our photos is inspired by fairytales and most inspired by our childhood. 2 examples are: Ivo-Caprino and “Huldra” in Norway.

we want people to associate, and interpret the image in its own way

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

Madeleine, what it’s like being your sister’s model?

Its very fun and also amazing to spend time with my sister to express our different passions. When we take photos in the nature together is like the time is standing still and we shut out the society. I’m still living in a bedsit, so we can only take photos together in the weekends and in the holidays. But when I’m home we once starting to take photos together!

When did you start with Instagram?

Emilie started with Instagram when she was 15 years old, and she had lot of nature and landscape photos. When she was 17 years old she started to edit the pictures and publish them on Instagram. She got a lot of positive comments and many people started to follow her and liking her pictures. I (Madeleine) started on Instagram when I was 16 years old. We laid out our images on our Instagram accounts @artphotographer17 and @birdmadeleine

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

What’s your favorite Instagram hashtag?

Emilie`s favourite hashtags are: #bleachmyfilm #ftwotw and #chasingsouls. My favourite hashtags are #photographysouls #music and #nature

How did you start creating a community on Instagram?

I think for me (Madeleine) that Instagram has been the greatest experience in my life. It was so amazing to actually find someone with the same interests and passion for the same things as you. So many great artists, and so incredible kind people out there. Me and my sister Emilie started as two girls with a passion for photography and music, and a goal to inspire others. We never thought in our life that we would get so huge response and feedback that we got. It was amazing that we could take a photo here in Norway and get so many comments all around the world. I think the reason we started our own community was the fact that we used our mind, our hearts and our passions. Today Emilie (@artphotographer17) has 74.3k followers and I have nearly 2k followers. Its unbelievable and we are so happy for all the amazing comments and followers we have got. We have also got many photography-friends as well! :)

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

What’s the secret to be featured on Instagram?

In this year Emilie has been featured by Instagram 3 times, and her secret is to be yourself and trust your heart not what other thinks. Inspire others with your talent and photos. If you have a creative idea, go for it! You must be kind to others, be open for new ideas. Comment and be a part of the photography-society. I (Madeleine) think that you need to be brave. It’s a lot of people in this world, each one with dreams, passions and imagination. Me and my sister gets a lot of questions based on what kind of editing we are using, but the same answer we give every time is that is a secret. For the secret is that you have to trust in your self, and create your own art. As we both discover daily in the Instagram society, we see a lot of amazing and artistic photos, but they are all different. The reason why is because its their own imagination and that’s its magical.

Tell us your 3 most favorite Instagram accounts!

Emilie`s favourite accounts are: @mrtin_ @joelrobinson and @sofiesund and Madeleine`s favourite Instagram accounts are: @wherestoto @elena_shumilova_ and @daniel.marc.

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17

Tell us about your dreams! :)

I (Madeleine) have many dreams for the future. My goal in the future is to become a music-teacher to inspire others. I have also thought of helping demented elderly patiens through the
power of music. But the goal is to live of my passion for music! But you never know what life will bring, so you have to live it out loud. Even if its with music, or aiming for your dreams.
Emilie wants to be health work and work with demented elderly patients. But I will always
taking photos, because it’s a big part of my life.

What do you think about the idea of printing your Instagram photos like Printl does?

We both discovered Printl for a little while ago, and it’s amazing. Its an amazing opportunity to keep your memories on the wall, and a way of showing your photography-journey. Printl is
an artistic and creative account. And its an amazing opportunity for photographers to show their art!

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Interview with Instagram users @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17


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