We must admit that we really enjoy hanging out on Instagram, discovering many incredible users. One of these cases is Instagram photographer Fauzi Putra (@ziiarch), a blogger, photographer and writer from Indonesia that loves fashion, food styling and captures anything that he considers interesting in his own unique way. He is impressed by still life and the proof is on his Instagram account, with many great photos, combining all his favorite interests.

Let’s learn more about him!

Interview with Instagram photographer @ziiarch by @printlnet

What does photography mean to you?

It’s a way to express myself and creativity. Photography is more about creating art that creates a deeper meaning. I see everything as beautiful no matter how ordinary it is. Photography connects us to the real world in the most unique way.

When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

I believe when I was young or I may say when in secondary school and it was with dad’s film camera. The feeling when you buy a roll film with various type, spend them all in a day and developed them. It’s priceless because you get what you see and somewhat far from our expectation. When I feel unmotivated or lack of inspiration, pause your activity, go for a walk, look around, look closely and you will notice inspiration is everyone around you.

Interview with Instagram photographer @ziiarch by @printlnet

How do you find inspiration?

I’m kind of tech savvy person rather than book worm. I always find an inspiration through internet either from Pinterest or Tumblr also Instagram as well.

You seem to shoot several different types of pictures, including fashion, food, travel and more. What do you like most?

I love food styling and composition things. Based on composition terms, it could be many thing including fashion items, daily basis, food, etc. Some of them say that I should more focus on fashion because it’s must be related with my fashion blog but I find it interesting to separate two aspects between fashion blog and Instagram because Instagram is constantly boosting blog readers. It works!


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When did you join Instagram?

 I joined instagram on Oct, 2012 right when I got an iPhone. At the beginning, I had no direction because all I see which is my friends back then are selfies and personal diary of someone. After changing many themes including white-ish photos I finally realized that I prefer to bring simplicity in different level with a peak of my story on caption and it makes me happy seeing the community is growing faster nowadays and encourage me to push my limit everyday.  

Interview with Instagram photographer @ziiarch on @printlnet

What’s the secret for a successful Instagram presence for a photographer?

  The first thing is remember the fundamental of Instagram as a place for sharing photos. So do it for fun, show your work on it. If they like, they will follow and stay. Appreciate people’s work and I’m pretty sure they will appreciate our works. Build two ways communication with followers as simple as reply comments and checking their feed. We never knows a simple smile emoji could brighten their days.  

Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

  Just photograph what you like, what makes you happy. Don’t try to please followers because they clearly have many interests and you wont be able to make them all in a blink of an eye. Do it for fun for no reason. It may takes time to find your style but if you keep true to yourself then you will soon end up with results that make you feel happy.



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Which hashtag do you use more?

I don’t particularly make my own hashtag or joined any members for something in particular. So, I usually use general hashtag but not that often.


What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

As a newbie photographer, my biggest dream towards photography is being acknowledge by people because my work not myself. It may sounds simple but clearly walking down on new phase is not that easy. Some people believe that photography is about the magnificient camera, techniques and so on but they forget there are a creative people behind it.


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If you had to pick now your next photo adventure, what would that be?

I challenge myself to do street or travel photography. As I’m getting older, the time is getting shorter and I find it difficult to do travel even getaway on weekend. I know its an excuse that’s why I challenge myself in the future.  

Since you already received your first Printl envelope, what did you think about it? :)

Firstly, thank you so much for Printl and great team that finally found my instagram and appreciate my work on it. I surprised when I got my first email from you because I occasionally got opportunity  from instagram. I used to print my photos myself but the quality isn’t good but Printl really knows how to make me happy with the quality of printing! Nicely done ☺  



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