One of our favorite Instagrammers by the time we created our Instagram community is @onerwan and we’ re really happy to have a chat with him for our Interview sessions. A look at his newsfeed is enough to love his inspiration! Let’s see what really inspires him then!

Interview with Instagram photographer @onerwan for @printllnet

– What does photography mean to you?

Photography is a light painting. It’s a tool for me to paint my heart’s emotions out with things or views around me.

– When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

The first picture that I had taken was about 1 year ago, when I was travelling to an old museum in the place i live (Batam – Indonesia)

Interview with Instagram photographer @onerwan for @printllnet

– When did you join Instagram?

I joined Instagram about 1 and half year ago. What an amazing app!

– How do you find inspiration?

Inspiration always comes when i find myself in the project I work on, but it seems it’s anytime and anywhere. Mostly I always stay inside the second home of mine @yellowapes Head Quarter & @springworks showroom so my picture is usually taken here with the project I work on. But of course, when I want to find it more, I would go inside Instagram to find the people that I follow who I love the most.

Interview with Instagram photographer @onerwan for @printllnet

– Which photography tip would you reveal to a new photographer?

Minimalist and lifestyle. I am more to life style.

– How did you create your own community on Instagram?

I create my community in Instagram by following and liking the people who inspire me more and more.

– Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

The tip I would share here about photography is about how well our composition and exposure capturing for the items that we see.

Interview with Instagram photographer @onerwan for @printllnet

– Which hashtag do you use more?

The hashtag that I use more is #bigbecomesmall #ideaworksmobile #handsinframe #travelingindonesia #dailyreds #jj_topdown #playwithobjects #springworks #yellowapes

– Camera VS Phone. Which one do you prefer?

I prefer phone, because using phone is really making me think more about how to capture well.

– Which subject do you find the most interesting?

The most interesting for me is the life style subject, like everyday things, starting from how I wake up till the end of everyday.

Interview with Instagram photographer @onerwan for @printllnet

– If you had to pick now your next photo subject, what would that be?

I would pick the thing that I eat or drink. I will be more to a life style one.

– Since you already received your Printl gift, what did you think of it?

The pictures print out are so nice including the colours that are so real with the one that I post it in my Instagram account. I think Printl is a printing company which prints out the memory of every photographer that is an Instagrammer!

Interview with Instagram photographer @onerwan for @printllnet

– And finally, how was your Printl experience? :)

Your prints are amazing exactly the same as my feed picture. From the colour until the cutting also the freight timing are so fast to reach my place.
Thank you Printl :)

@onerwan for @printlnet