New interview, new excitement to learn more about another Instagram photographer that we were happy to enjoy his feed. This time we are chatting with Carmelo Farini (known as @melofarini). Carmelo is from San Filippo Del Mela, near the beautiful Milazzo (Sicily) and you can’t help but notice his interesting Instagram feed. Need to know more? Start reading!


– What does photography mean to you?

– Since childhood I have always had trouble expressing myself, most probably (almost certainly) because of insecurity. I always thought that no one wants to listen to what I say. I’m afraid to annoy people. I always felt I had many things to say. In photography I found my “language” and with it I can pull myself out something that is in my subconscious, thoughts and ideas that I cannot express in words clearly and they are probably not even clear in my mind.


Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net

– When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

– Probably during a trip to the zoo with the school. I was about 9 years old. I remember the summer sun of Sicily and I opened (without a good reason, I suppose) my mother’s analog camera. The film burned. Survived a few photos (now lost). I remember one in particular with a tiger. What a pity!

– When did you join Instagram?

– I uploaded my first photo on Instagram exactly one year ago. It was an extraordinary discovery, I immediately loved instagram! Three years ago I found an old analog camera (Canon FT-QL). It was of my grandfather, I found it in a box and from there it all started! I took almost 500 pictures with this camera but I had shown these pictures to very few people. With Instagram I could share my photos with the whole world.

– What do you like most about Instagram?

– With Instagram I have the opportunity to share my pictures with strangers from around the world. Thanks to the likes and followers I can get an idea of my improvements. It’s something that I love!
Instagram is sharing … thanks to it, I can admire the work of many exceptional photographers also draw inspiration and increase my desire to learn.

Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net

– How do you find inspiration?

– I listen to my heart and my feelings. I am a very happy and smiling but hide inside me too much darkness and chaos of which I feel the need to talk. I often find inspiration from my thoughts, from my fears and my desires. This helps me to design the concept. But often when I travel I surrender completely to my passion: I feel the “moment” and when the instinct called my eyes focus, my body moves automatically and snap the photo.

Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net

– What about analog photography?

-Analog photography is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I was amused and disturbed, I was excited and scared, gave me great satisfaction and it broke my heart many times. In my mind there are many shots failed because I failed to interpret the available light. I did so much street photography with my analog camera during my travels (Bologna, Rome and Venice. My girl studying Japanese at a university in Venice and I always carry with me a roll when I go to her, I live in Sicily) and I often photographed people from behind for fear that they could see me while I was photographing them.

Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net

– Tell us more about your analog experience. How is it?

– As I said, everything started when I found the analog camera of my grandfather in a box. I had not yet clear ideas about photography but I would have liked to get closer to the world of cinema. So I decided to start taking pictures. I believe there is no better way to learn than to start with analog photography! I am self-taught, It was not easy to learn, but I gradually began to receive the first satisfactions! I swear, I remember the world around me in every single picture taken. I remember the time before shooting, full of excitement and panic, and the one after that when my body relaxes and a smile on my face born enthusiast.

The desire to photograph often arises during my saddest moments and happiest. Photography is a way to remember the beauty of life, but also the bad. We are what we are for our suffering too.

Analog photography is honest and that’s why I love it. Analog photography is reality, what we live every day. There are no dragons and even artistic filters. You can not correct mistakes. It’s your vision of reality, your sincerity. It’s how to show ourselves naked to the world. In any picture taken in analog there is a feeling of incredible power. It’s the honesty of a human being who takes a picture driven by passion.

Since a few months I will not snap in analog because prices for the development of the films are high for me. I hope to start again soon!

– Which hashtag do you use more?

– #peoplefrombehind #filmisnotdead #digitalphotography #canon #streetphotography #liveauthentic #vsco

Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net
– According to your Instagram bio, you keep this account as a diary. How did it start?

– I photograph places, people and life moments that touch me deeply. As I looked at the pictures taken with the analog camera, I realized that my mind jumps from one memory to another making me feel the same emotions I felt while shooting. To collect moments of life soon became a necessity and then inevitably born a real diary. I could not avoid to share my stories. I will photograph all my life and I always will enrich my photo diary.

Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net

 (she is my girlfriend. The last time that I left Venice to come back home. I love her.)

– How about your passion about actual photographs?

– I decided to pursue a career in photography as a profession, and gradually I am succeeding. I am a videomaker of music videos and occasionally photographer of events such as weddings or shows.

I have a huge desire to improve and I will work a lot for my job!

I have a lot of new concept and ideas in my mind.. Hope to realize them soon!

– Camera VS Mobile. Which one do you prefer?

– Well, I do not have a smartphone that makes excellent photographs but I have it always with me! I love shooting with my camera that has become my best means of communication, but if I don’t have it and I feel the need to photograph anything I don’t give up and shot with my phone. 

– What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

– I would love to be able to realize “dare wedding”, where I can express myself artistically freely. I would like to continue with the production of videoclips but I want to focus more on photography. I’d like to approach the world of film (as director of photography). It would be amazing to become a great photographer and a director of photography, realize commercials, shoot pictures for magazines and why not… even publish a book of photographs with my pictures would be awesome!

Interview with Instagram photographer @melofarini for @printl_net

– What do you think about printing Instagram photos via Printl?

– I think this is adorable! I think that many underestimate the photos that they share on Instagram. Many people share with no passion, just to accumulate “likes” … but do not realize that those pictures speak of their current life and one day might arise in them the desire to remember these frivolous but important moments of life.

By printing the photos these moments will not disappear anymore … Printl gives a great opportunity for our shots.

Thank you so much for listening to me!


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