Using Instagram at a daily basis allows us to discover interesting photos, always looking for the next Instagram photographer to share his story with us. This time we had the chance to learn more about Mario (@mario_hevo) from Italy who loves exploring the nature, shooting pictures with his iPhone. His content is amazing and his followers keep increasing.

That’s why we wanted to have this chat with him. Time to learn more about him! :)


-When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

The first picture I took was about ten years ago.


-What does photography mean to you?

Photography is light in its most beautiful form.

Interview with Instagram photographer @mario_hevo by @printl_net

-When did you join Instagram?

It was about three years ago .


-How did you create your own community on Instagram?

The best solution was simply to believe in this community and see everyone as brothers and sisters!


-How do you find inspiration?

In my case, I went to places of interest and it’s also the choice of colors,


-Which one of your photos would you consider your most interesting for you personally?

It’s just my point of view, like that of all Instagram users. I leave you to choose which is the best of my photos.

Interview with Instagram photographer @mario_hevo by @printl_net

-iPhone VS Camera. What makes you prefer the so-called iphoneography? Is mobile photography here to stay?

Well, in my case, my Instagram gallery is made exclusively from photos taken with iPhone 4s!


-Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

Look at the profile of @mad_buddy !


-Which hashtag do you use more?

#whatitalyis #exklusive_shot #punko_pics #justgoshoot #nature #chasingfog/light/web

Interview with Instagram photographer @mario_hevo by @printl_net


-What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

To be able to travel and meet all my Instagram friends that now accompany me for years in this long journey of images =)


-If you had to pick now your next photo, what would that be?

It would be a picture that I have not shot yet! =)

Thanks so much for the interview, Mario! :)