We have so many reasons to be thankful for Instagram, but the main one is for discovering new photographers that share their own story with us through their photos. We met Robinson García (@itss_onlyrob) some months ago and we really liked his point of view throughout his feed. He is the first person we met from Guatemala and we were happy to learn more about this beautiful place through his photography.

Learn more about him and make sure you enjoy his photos one by one!


– What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is an escape from everyday life and thus I can express feelings, thoughts, and a different point of view of life. It is my corner of intimacy, my way of expressing myself, to capture the beauty, to capture unique moments, an escape from certain realities or completely immerse myself in them.

Interview with Instagram photographer @itss_onlyrob for @printl_net

– When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

When I was 9 or 10 years old, when my dad gave me his camera and I took a photo of him, after that I started to create simple moments in a photo, immortalizing a memory forever, creating new ways to see the life, exploring different places in which I’ve great, unique and beautiful memories.

– When did you join Instagram?

I joined to Instagram 2 years and a half ago, I discovered Instagram by a friend and then I made my account, since that I can’t live without it, I started to post photos every single day. Instagram for me is a great way to share moments and creativity by a simple photo which I can express lots of things, and also I can make  friends worldwide and exchange photos, thoughts, culture, and much more with them.

Interview with Instagram photographer @itss_onlyrob for @printl_net

– How did you create your own community on Instagram?

Since I started to post my pictures in Instagram I saw that I reached some kind of activity and interaction between my followers and the users I follow. And after that I always posted pictures to have an interaction then I start with my #ThursdayCollab project which me and other user exchange photos and some information about those photos and we make our own edit of each photo and when we post them we talk about each other, we give information about the place of the picture and we give us a little shoutout. I make little reunions with other users we talk about us and we share mobile/camera photogarphy tips, we make activities and we have a great time together.

Interview with Instagram photographer @itss_onlyrob for @printl_net

– How do you find inspiration?

I always find inspiration in places where I have a great view of a beautiful landscape to see the sunrise and the sunset, at the places where I used to visit, in the people I met, in some accounts which are my favorites like @fer_ch_o @zachspassport @brahmino @bwaworga @roloise @skyem and @zachdriftwood, I also find inspiration in the top of a volcano, forests, rivers and lakes and in some cases in references on Pinterest accounts.

Interview with Instagram photographer @itss_onlyrob for @printl_net

– Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

Of course yes, when you take a picture make sure to shot it in landscape mode and thus you’ll have more space to crop it and you could have more control in your rule of thirds, and also edit those photos in VSCOcam app which has a lot of good filters or edit it in Instagram that also has new filters and you can edit it too.

Did you know: this  photo win our Instagram #printl_photo contest in November!

Did you know: this photo won our Instagram #printl_photo contest in November!

– Which hashtag do you use more?

#vscocam because is the app I use more to edit my photos
#vscourban because I could say that I create that hashtag which has more than 36.5K photos posted and also because all my photos was taken at the streets ans has urban exploration
#therealguatemala because in this hashtag I can show to all the people the beauty of my motherland Guatemala
#letsgosomewhere #exploreeverithing #letsexplore because me and my friends we always do roadtrips and backpacker trips to have a great shooting day together


– Tell us about TheRealGuatemala.com, how did it start?

I didn’t start with the project, I joined to the team several days after their beginning, but the project start with the vision to show our people even to the world the Real side of our country not the bad things that the news company sells, our beautiful landscapes, rivers, lakes, volcanoes and mountains, our people, our history, and if you want to know more about us go to www.therealguatemala.com and follow us @therealguatemala and you can see all our beauties.

Interview with Instagram photographer @itss_onlyrob for @printl_net

– Camera VS Mobile. Which one do you prefer?

I can’t decide only in one option, because I use both of them, mobile photography for catch some things I see in the streets or if I want a quick shot when I was walking over the streets, and camera when I want more worked photo or when I have a photoshoot even when I’m in a photoshoot I use both my phone and my camera to take some kind of photos.

– What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

Travel the world with my camera, my phone, my backpack and my boots.

Interview with Instagram photographer @itss_onlyrob for @printl_net

– If you had to pick now your next photo journey, what would that be?

To North Carolina to visit Mattamuskeet Lake and explore all around NC, documenting and having a good time knowing more about NC history of all its historical places.

 @printl_net printing Instagram photos

– What do you think about printing Instagram photos via Printl?

Print a photo is the best way to have a great and a beautiful moment printed out of an Instagram gallery which all people can see, and you guys, you are doing such a perfect work and I’ve seeing a lot of your work in different accounts and I can’t wait to have mines.

Meeting people, shooting day, having fun. Today I met Elisa (@elisasalguero) go to check and follow her gallery. . #vscocam

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Walking all day in Xela . #vscocam #vosponeteahi #vscourban #letsgosomewhere

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Together We Explore Guatemala . #vscocam #jumpstagram

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