It’s always great to collaborate with an amazing Instagram photographer and we’ve met many talented ones lately. However, we are always happy to meet people that share our passion for photography and Instagram, being willing to help us take a step forward. Eduardo Cavasotti is one of them and we’re happy to feature an interview from him. His love about photography and New York in particular gave us a new perspective on the city that never sleeps and just like that, we’re ready to help him organize his next Instameet very soon!

For now, let us introduce you to Eduardo, his wonderful images and his Instagram community that keeps growing!

– What does photography mean to you?

Photography to me means a place where I can go and be happy, creative and meet nice people. I currently do photography part-time and growing. It makes me very happy to work with photography because I enjoy it so much that I always feel like I am getting paid to have fun, which is great. The last few years have been amazing and photography has changed my life for sure in many ways.

– When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

I am pretty sure the first picture I have event taken was with my dad’s old camera at some point when I was young, but I really started in photography with a little Creative Webcamera about 13 years ago. It had 1mpxl i believe, no LCD screen and it was fun!

– When did you join Instagram?

I joined instagram a little over a year ago with pressure of a few special people around me. I disliked Instagram a lot and refused to join. I thought it was only for selfies and bad food photography until I realized there was a lot more to it than that. I am very thankful time proved me wrong though :)

– What’s the secret to success for an Instagram photographer?

I think there are two reasons people will visit your feed and follow you. First is because they like you, because you are active and talk to your followers and obvious the quality of your work.

– How do you find inspiration?

Uhmm that is a tricky one. I find inspiration in everything, but mostly in the challenge of creating an image that is unique and tells a story. Depending on the mood I am in I can find inspiration in an object or in other people or places, it all depends. inspiration comes and goes but we have to be able to create even when you are not inspired. Look around, look closely, you will find something interesting in pretty much everything. Be open-minded.

– What is it about New York that fascinates you most?

The fact that it is always alive, no matter what time you go on the streets there is always something happening and a lot of light. Oh, not to mention, abandoned places, I love those.

– How would you describe New York in 3 adjectives?

Beautiful, Fast, alive.

– Which photography tip would you reveal to a new photographer?

I think there is a wave of obsession with expensive gear and full frame cameras, but most people don’t even know how to shoot in manual mode. So what I would tell them is that your gear really don’t matter at this point. Don’t feel bad if you only have money for an entry level DSLR with a kit lens, but that and shoot a lot. Play with settings, light, focus. Master your camera and your lens until you feel like you reached its limits and then you think about investing the big bucks. Your creativity is more important than your gear.

– Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

I think anyone is free to post what they want and what makes them happy. I personally am a little obsessed with patterns which is why I like to look at feeds that are consistent with their work specially on the image ratio. I don’t enjoy looking at feeds that post squares and rectangles without any order, I think people enjoy looking at clean feeds too and you will find your followers appreciate more your work that way, stick to squares or stick to 4:3 or 16:9 :)

– Which hashtag do you use more?

I use #nycprimeshot and #usaprimeshot on all my shots as I am a member of this amazing group. I also use #sittingwitheduardo for my portrait series that I am in the making. I will make a book of them once I reach 100 portraits and I think I am at around 30-40 now, it is growing fast which is very exciting. people are reaching out to me and want to be part of it. you are welcome to join just DM me on Instagram and we will set it up :)

– You are planning an Instameet in New York in September, right? Tell us more about it!

YES and YES!! On September 6th, with the great support of you guys and few others we will meet at Governors Island at around 10-1030am and will have a great time. I won’t spoil it right now but we are planning a great event with a lot of gifts and prizes and fun! Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy! Bring a friend too! :)

(More details for the Instameet on Sept. 6th HERE)

Thanks again for the interview, Eduardo!

Photography by @cavasottiphoto for

Photography by @cavasottiphoto for