This week we are happy to present Benny Danny (@bennydannyphotos), a Portuguese photographer that we discovered on Instagram many months ago. We were impressed immediately by his work and we couldn’t help but ask more about his passion about it!

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

What does photography mean to you?

For me photography is the best way to show someone your point of view, what you are and what you think. It’s also a way to immortalize moments and emotions that you can remember and share with others. Photography is not just an hobby; it’s a way of thinking!

When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

Uh, that’s a tough one. Beside the ones I took when I was kid, with my parents of friends camera, I think it was when I bought my first camera in 2005.

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

When did you join Instagram?

It was when they released the app for the Android platform, on April 3, 2012

What’s the secret for a successful presence for an Instagram photographer?

Well, first of all, post something regularly, engage with the community by commenting and liking other peoples photos. Good content is important too. Don’t upload too many selfies (: Also, don’t be too worried about “numbers”, how many people like or follow with. Just give something to others and you’ll get something back too. If you use hashtags, please use relevant ones, that are directly related with your picture: don’t use hashtags just because.

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

What’s your favorite way to promote your work?

Nowadays, I actually think that it’s Instagram, because of the way the social component works. But, to be honest, for displaying my work, I prefer vsco grid.

How do you find inspiration?

On Instagram, of course, but also on several blogs and in vsco grid. Since the beginning of my photographic journey, the Internet has been a source of help and ideas. Sometimes I also find inspiration on certain scenes of certain movies.

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

You seem to enjoy shooting several different types of photography? Do you have a favorite one?

I’ve seen several photographers that have their own theme, their own type of photography, and I love that. I’d like to have that too, but I still haven’t found one to stick with. Anyway, I really enjoy conceptual photography, the way you can transform some ideas or visions in one moment, in one image.

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

Do you have an advice for someone aspiring to be a photographer?

Try to learn at least the basics of photography, how it works, what is aperture, speed, ISO, etc. How you can manage them. How the light works. That’s really important. Don’t be afraid of trying different ideas. Have always a camera with you. Nowadays smartphones and tablets are always with us, so, don’t be afraid to shoot. Just keep shooting.

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

Go easy on the use of hashtags. Like I’ve said, use hashtags related to your photo. And, since Instagram has a square format, sometimes it’s just easier to shoot that way straight from the camera, because sometimes (not always) you can’t fit all the things you want on that little square. But, most important of all, have fun. Post things you have passion for.

Which hashtag do you use more?

To be honest, lately I haven’t been using hashtags regularly. But when I do, I like to use #igersportugal

Interview with Instagram photographer @bennydannyphotos for @printl_net

What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

With a backpack full of film canisters, a film camera, a tripod, travel to places I’ve always dreamed to visit (like Island, for example) and shoot photos… just shoot.

Finally, what did you think of our Printl delivery?

I loved them, I’ve always loved the Polaroid feeling.  I love to touch the photos, not just see them on a screen. Also, it’s a perfect gift to give to someone and, since some of my friends appear in the prints, I’ve already gave a couple of them (:

[photography is a thing you can touch with your hands, but more important, with your heart]

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