Instagram photo prints. Where? How? Why?

How Printl works

Printl is an Instagram photo printing service, allowing you to print your most popular Instagram photos every month. You don’t need to manually pick the photos and waste time, since your 10 most popular photos, the ones that gain the most likes from your friends, are ready to be printed. The prints are of excellent paper quality, leading to vivid colors in a Polaroid-size print and a handmade envelope filled with our love and our free shipping!

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The subscription process is very easy, allowing you to focus on your photos, rather than filling forms. All you need to do is buy a subscription, pay, add your details (name, address, etc.) and just like that, you’re ready to receive your prints next month! It’s our competitive price, our quality in paper and colors, our free shipping worldwide and our customer service that make us feel proud of our services, still, leaving us restless for perfection, looking for new ideas to make you happy!

How Printl uses Instagram?

Printl is all about Instagram photo prints, which means that we love Instagram and we use it daily. We love discovering new users that share with us the passion about photography and we always learn something from each one of them. We are not photography experts, and we don’t claim to be, that’s why we don’t always seek for the perfect, but more for photos that have something to tell. Over the months, we are proud for the Instagram community we have created, featuring photos from photographers we meets, discovering new ones, having great chats that lead to interview for our blog and occasionally sharing tips and tricks for Instagram, coming from our actual experience with our favorite social network.

Instagram is the proof that brands don’t have to be distant from their fans and we know that really well. We don’t care to promote our services, but rather to promote great photographers, great images, great stories and great ideas for photo decoration at your home. All these make our primary focus, led us to a loyal audience and make us improve ourselves even more. And don’t worry about your product, users ask you on their own about it.

For example, Instagram photo prints are useful for people that love both photography and Instagram. This doesn’t mean that everyone will subscribe to your services, but at least, they want to learn more about it. First comes the interest about our character and then comes work. How can someone trust you if they don’t get to ‘meet’ you first?

The power of Instagram

Instagram is a powerful social network that more and more social users love to use. Not many believed in its power when it launched, but its simplicity and the focus on visual content managed to increase its power of the years, turning it today into a very popular social network, even among the favorite ones for teens and young adults.

Did you know: 41% of Instagram users are aged between 16-24 (maybe in a box?)

What makes Instagram special?

Instagram is a unique social network that stands out for being direct, almost without text, with users uploading whatever they want, without being afraid whether their content will be visible on their friends’ newsfeed. It’s the power of an image that allowed users to submit their selfies, their favorite moments, their holidays, and of course their pets, improving every single photo with filters, imp robing their photography skills over time, feeling that they have a new audience to connect.

Did you know: It is estimated that there are more than 60 million photos posted on Instagram every day, which lead to 1.2 billion likes per day.

Why did Instagram get so big?

Instagram did not focus at its commercial side, trying to satisfy the users’ needs, adding the video feature for more fun moments, increasing the number of filters, adding more editing features, while simultaneously it tried hard in order to be fast, light, with less crashes after every update. What’s more, mobile use was already increasing between users and this was possibly the key to success for Instagram. Users love to share photos through their smartphones as fast as possible and Instagram managed to create a mobile audience for years, without even launching at first a desktop version. It was clear that they were targeting the mobile trend and it seemed to be a great idea.

(Photo: @tahir_chakera)

Did you know: more than 70% of users log in daily

How should I use Instagram?

In case you’re not using Instagram yet, which we doubt so, it’s time to try it out. If you love taking pictures, then you’ll love it. Whether there are pictures with your family and friends having a good time, or landscape pictures of your photography trips, filters and editing allow you to improve your posts and find more people to share your passion with! Its simplicity may lead to addiction, so be careful not to over-post at the beginning!

How do brands use Instagram?

By the time Instagram got big, brands started realising that there is a market out there that they need to promote their products. Some brands initially tried to post content as they would on other social networks, possibly sounding quite promotional. Soon they found out that this type of post doesn’t work, with Instagram users hating ads, preferring original content that grabs their attention in a visually aesthetic way. Thus, brands that have succeeded in Instagram focus on the quality of content, created great images, inspired their users to join their community and increased their followers (and their leads) by being original, creative and fun. That’s what leads to a successful Instagram presence. It’s not always easy and it definitely takes time, but you’ll be amazed with the results!

Who needs Instagram photo prints?

Actually, everyone needs Instagram photo prints. Students love to print their favorite moments with their friends. Mums love to hang on their walls the printed photos with their babies. Photographers love to showcase their work. A friend wants to make a gift full of memories to another friends, sending him the prints of their moments. A son wants to give a sweet gift to his parents. An artist wants to print his most popular drawings. A blogger wants to feel proud about her best memories from work and life. There are so many reason to actually print your favorite Instagram moments that even we are surprised when users contact us and provide us with a new perspective on how to use their Instagram photo prints. And that’s the power of Instagram that we love. You never know how someone may use Printl, until you actually meet them.

We started as an extension to the popularity of Instagram, believing in the importance of keeping your favorite moments alive and it was more of an emotional decision to create Printl and find more users that can relate to our nostalgia for prints of Polaroid style. It is such a sweet way to preserve your experiences that it’s our task to make sure you receive them at an excellent quality, but still at a low cost, always with a customer service that you deserve – awesome!

(Photo: @lucyrunaways)

So far, we have printed pictures of:

  • Professional photographers: photo shooting is part of your life and if you have decided to upload your professional photos on Instagram, you probably created a community of admirers. Despite the fact that you are experiencing the transition to the digital era, it is still great being able to have your photos printed in a Polaroid size, like the good old times!
  • New photographers: if you just started with photography, you probably try to learn how to improve your shotes and how to reach a bigger community on Instagram. By the time you learn some tips and tricks for photography, you start feeling proud for your photos. That’s when you want to print them and show them to friends and family. Hey, this may also be an additional motivation for you to take more photos!
  • Graphic designers: You know very well how to combine your skills with the digital needs of our era and your Instagram account is usually pretty impressive. Printing your Instagram photos may be a good idea to serve as your handy portfolio, don’t you think?
  • Artists: Your creativity is precious and you know that. Time to use your talent to print your art and decorate your wall with your mini-creations. How does that sound?
  • Writers: Just because you’re better with words, doesn’t mean that you are not also inspired by the art of photography. Your Instagram feed is possibly depicting notebook, coffee, laptop and anything else that makes you productive. Printing your source of inspiration may actually lead to even more productive hours!
  • Explorers: It’s great feeling adventurous and exploring the world out there. Every new trip is a whole different experience and you know really well how trips change our perception of the world. That’s why you keep every memory from your trips printed, saving the emotions forever!


  • Teachers: Educational content is everywhere and you probably found interesting content on Instagram. That’s what led teachers to print their Instagram content and use the material with their students, inspiring them to embrace the digital age and why not, also discover their photography skills!
  • Athletes: Every game is a new experience. Emotions are unique and you love sharing it with your friends and fans afterwards. You want even more to save every single memory. There’s nothing more precious than printing these memories, reminding you of your victories and battles. That’s what keeps you strong!
  • Models: Photography is part of your life. You might not necessarily be the one taking pictures, but you know very well how hard it is to capture the perfect moment. That’s why you enjoy sharing your favorite shots with your friends, even creating a portfolio with them. And it’s very easy to have it ready for the next casting with handy print photos that fit everywhere!
  • Mothers and Fathers: Every second of your new life is important. That’s why you can’t stop capturing your baby’s steps. Don’t miss any milestone regarding your baby’s adventure! Keep it forever by printing your Instagram photos every month. Memories are precious!
  • Students: Life is not just about school, it’s also about feelings. Whether it’s friendship, or love, you always have something to share with your friends on Instagram. Even your best selfies deserve to be printed and hang on your walls!
  • Shops: Many brands use Instagram as part of their social strategy, doing an excellent job in creating a community. Their creativity is admirable and every new idea is important to them. That’s why many shops have already printed their Instagram photos, using them as new content to promote their brand and their product, also decorating their prints on their shops. Sweet, creative and precious!

I think there are two reasons people will visit your feed and follow you. First is because they like you, because you are active and talk to your followers and obvious the quality of your work. – @cavasottiphoto

Why should you print your Instagram photos?

You love using your smartphone and you save everything to your digital library. We know that and everyone does it. How about your favorite moments though? How do you keep alive the memory of your newborn child? Your last birthday? Your graduation day? Your happiest day of your life? Sometimes printing your pictures allows you to keep a moment even longer, especially if you place the prints at a prominent place at your home. Is there any better way to decorate the walls of your room? Would you imaging that your Instagram photo prints could replace an actual wallpaper at your living room? How about decorating your favorite spot of the house with photo prints with your beloved memories from each month? Luckily, your inspiration month by month on how to decorate your photo prints provides us with new reasons we love printing our Instagram photos and we’re happy that we inspire even more users to do so. It’s all about creating emotions and that’s our logo. We want to make sure that you create new emotions, that you keep your memories alive and that you never forget your best moments of your life.

After all, there’s still the option of buying a gift subscription for a special friend that you shared all your best Instagram moments together. Isn’t this gesture priceless?

How can we help?

We are always available to answer your questions and help you as much as we can. Do not hesitate to contact us, or chat with us through Instagram. We’re always around, being ready to help you!