Instagram is a very popular social network and users love to add as many hashtags as possible in order to promote their photos. Despite the limit of 50 hashtags per photo (more tips here), there are many great ones to use (top hashtags for photographers) and gain a bigger reach. However, you might be surprised with some Instagram hashtags that are banned.

We are not really surprised to see that hashtags such asĀ #naked #nude #weed #bitches are not in use (with so many different versions of them, but generally related to sex, drugs and insulting), but not all of the banned Instagram hashtags fall into this category.Instagram Hashtags That Are Banned

How about the ones below?


#IG has been a popular choice at first, which led Instagram to banning a hashtag that does not add any value to their users.


#Photography seems to be a rather general hashtag, that’s why they decided to encourage us to use more specific terms from now on.


There’s no need to use #popular in order to actually turn your post into a popular one. At least, it doesn’t work on Instagram, since this hashtag is not in use.


#Kikmenow must have been another popular Instagram hashtag at first, that’s why it is no longer used.


#Sexy probably belongs to the sexual content that is banned and that fact that its overuse did not add any value at all, led to its banning.


#PopularPage is also not in use, so even if you thought of using it, don’t even bother.


Everyone thought of using #instagram even once. That’s why you simply don’t have to.



Instagram hashtags that are not banned anymore

Instagram used to ban several other hashtags , but after a few years they decided to recover them, considering them as useful ones for their users. Example:



(why would you ban these Instagram hashtags?!)

Have you noticed any other hashtag that cannot be used on Instagram? Let us know!

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