Instagram has turned into a very popular social network during the past years, which has significantly changed both our social experience, but also the way we use social networks to promote our presence. Visual content is more important than ever and that’s why we are constantly looking for innovative ways to use photos and videos to showcase our creativity.


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Creativity and new ideas are always rewarded and this is an important lesson that Instagram may teach you. Many great photographers have joined Instagram and managed to attract an even bigger audience, promoting their work and interacting with their followers. What’s more, many of us were inspired through Instagram to improve our photography skills, to experiment with filters and editing and keep practicing, in order to show progress in what each one of us calls photography.

The power of Instagram hashtags

Hashtags exist on every popular social network, although their effectiveness is sometimes questionable. Instagram has heavily relied on hashtags from the very first day, adding them to their secret formula for a successful presence. Many Instagram users have managed to increase their reach and their community through the proper use of hashtags on their content. Beware, there is a series of (common sense) “rules” regarding the effective use of Instagram hashtags!

Sometimes the right use of hashtags is more efficient than the random use of many of them. Thus, if you are into photography and want to promote your work, here are some hashtags to use, depending on the type of your photos:

Do you have your own custom hashtag?

Except for the popular hashtags that are suggested for anyone interested in photography, it is also suggested to come up with your own custom hashtag. By creating a unique hashtag, you create your ‘trademark’, a hashtag that will be included on all your posts, allowing your followers to track your posts and follow your ‘brand’.

Before coming up with your own hashtag, you need to consider:

  • Does the hashtag represent your work?
  • Will followers be able to understand that the hashtag refers to your account?
  • Is the hashtag you picked available?
  • And by available we mean, is the hashtag already used?

There’s no reason to adopt a hashtag that already has several posts by others.

  • Is your hashtag easily read? Do not underestimate the ability to have a clear and easily read hashtag. After all, it’s part of your brand now!
  • Embrace your creativity. A creative and unique hashtag is more memorable comparing to a boring one.

Try to come up with an interesting one and let your followers click on it to find more of your work!

Also, how about creating a new hashtag every time you start a new project? 

Some users like separating their feed with a different hashtag and this allows them to have a more diverse content and audience. As for brands, a new hashtag might be useful for a new campaign, or a new contest.

For example, Printl has used during the past year: #printl, #printl_summer, #printl_sunday, #printl_ny, #printl_story, #printl_autumn, #printl_pets, #printl_photo, #printl_cup, #loveprintl, #interviewprintl, and lately #printl_poster.




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