As we use Instagram even more day by day, we feel that some things could be improved, making our lives easier. Of course, there is no perfect social platform, or application, and Instagram is no exception.

Many users hate the fact that Instagram line breaks and spacing is not the way you want it to be, ruining the formatting you are trying to add to your captions. How about finding an alternative to the right formatting for your Instagram captions?It has been observed that Instagram line breaks and spacing tend to work better when you add text through another messaging, or note-taking app. Thus, many users prefer to create their text on the Facebook app, copying and pasting it on the Instagram with the right formatting.

What’s more, we are lately using the integrated Notes app (for iOS, but also working on Android), in order to create neat and formatted captions, avoiding all the troubles with Instagram line breaks and spaces.

No more bad formatting with Instagram line breaks!

How to fix Instagram line breaks and spacing to captions
Beware, you need to make sure that you don’t leave any blank spaces from one sentence to another when hitting the ‘return’ button, since this will also mess up your formatting.

We’ve been told that you can also use these apps to fix your Instagram formatting problems:

  • Evernote
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Google Keep
  • Gmail

Of course, there are still some characters that might ruing your formatting, so make sure you keep testing until you find the right formula!

Keep in mind:

  • Even when adding several line breaks, Instagram will keep it to one
  • Symbols such as $, %, – tend to ruin your formatting
  • Avoid emoticons until you paste the text on Instagram (and then test the result)
  • Hashtags don’t affect your formatting

Do you have another way of adding line breaks and spaces on Instagram on your own?


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