Instagram is the new trending social network and many users try hard in order to increase their followers and the reach of their photos. Some of them even try too hard, which may lead to the opposite results. Since you’re wondering, we decided to provide you with some useful tips, both from our own experience, but also from our fellow Instagram photographers that definitely know how to grab the attention of their increasing Instagram followers.


I think there are two reasons people will visit your feed and follow you. First is because they like you, because you are active and talk to your followers and obvious the quality of your work. – @cavasottiphoto


Photo by @sxnflxwer_

Photo by @sxnflxwer_


1. Find a theme

Pick a theme for your Instagram account and try to stick to it. It is a way to introduce your profile in an easier way to new followers.


2. Create a posting routine

How often do you upload new photos? If you started with two per day, then you have to try hard in order to maintain this plan. Your users need to know what to expect from you.

3. Be creative

There’s no need to upload photos that are boring or of low quality. In order to be interesting, you need to come up with new ideas.

 Look around, look closely, you will find something interesting in pretty much everything. Be open-minded. – @cavasottiphoto

4. Don’t use too many hashtags, only the ones you really need.

It’s tempting to use many hashtags on Instagram, but don’t use them all along with each photo. It has been observed that the optimal number of hashtags for each photo is maximum 5 per photo. Make sure you pick them wisely. Here is a list for the most popular hashtags for Instagram photographers.

5. Join the conversation

Don’t ignore your Instagram followers when replying to your comments. Join the conversation and try to learn more about them. Show your appreciation and turn them into loyal fans of your work!

6. Avoid selfies

Don’t post too many selfies, unless they are creative and add value to your feed.

Ease up on the selfies if you want to be taken seriously. Unless they’re artistically done, not everyone likes them. – @kewiki


7. Be authentic

It is very important to be unique. That’s what makes you stand out from the rest. Don’t imitate any Instagram user and never lose your authenticity.

Do it for fun for no reason. It may takes time to find your style but if you keep true to yourself then you will soon end up with results that make you feel happy. – @ziiarch


8. Enjoy

First enjoy, then measure. If you don’t like what you’re doing, your Instagram followers won’t share your passion.

Pic by @alexdinosaur

Pic by @alexdinosaur

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    This wil work great for my Instragram account. I want to get as many followers as possible. With all of these tips I’m sure that we will do great.

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    I always just use this site haha it’s been about a year now and they’ve gotten me like 9000 new followers

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    The company I work for has been tossing around the idea of starting a
    few additional company accounts for quite a few months now, but we could
    not decide if it was going to be worth the time and effort to get it
    started up. The main problem is that my company already manage around a
    lot of different profiles… More than we can even keep up with
    sometimes. Some of what was mentioned near the end (is the account
    appealing, do we have time to handle a brand new social network,
    etcetera…) just pretty much made up my mind for me. We are going to to
    find some of the sites out there to better manage our accounts activity
    to really understand what the audience we cater to is truly interested
    in so we can only target the people who would more likely interested in
    what our business provides rather than just going after random people
    who take no interest in our products. Thank you for the share!.

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