Instagram has turned into a popular social network, especially among photographers, since it allows you to experiment with new filters, to showcase your work, and of course to meet other people that share the same passion with you.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, or just started taking pictures, Instagram has its own rules when it comes to photography. If you want to be proud of your pictures and gain more likes, it’s a good idea to start with the tips below, improving the quality of your pictures day by day.

1. Crop it right (shot in landscape, then crop)

If possible, prefer to shoot in landscape mode and then do the necessary cropping. Don’t be afraid of any kind of cropping!

#Instagram tip by @printlnet

2. Pick the right filter

Instagram may offer several filters, but this doesn’t mean that each filter is right for every occasion. Depending on the brightness, the contrast and the exposure you want, you might need to experiment with more than one filters to find the right one.

#Instagram tip by @printlnet

3. Straighten your image.

Instagram allows you to straighten your image, in case your initial image wasn’t steady. Don’t underestimate this feature!

#Instagram tip by @printlnet

4. Use the lighting

Instagram’s option of editing lighting should not be ignored. Not every picture is ready in terms of lighting, which means that editing might be necessary.

#Instagram tip by @printlnet

5. Don’t be afraid of empty space

Don’t fall into the trap of filling every part of your picture, just because you are able to. Sometimes simplicity leads to a better outcome.

(Picture by @antoniomartiniello)

#Instagram tip by @printlnet

6. Shoot like crazy

The best way to improve your photography skills is to keep shooting. You’ll be amazed at the results after a while!

Is there any other tip you would like to share with us? Did you try the ones above and have something to add? Your comments are more than welcome!

#Instagram tip by @printlnet