We all love Instagram and we discover that more users love exploring it, testing its features, being part of this great community. However, success is not always easy, especially for an aspiring photographer that wants to reach a younger audience.

After two years of extensive Instagram use and collaboration with photographers, we’d be more than happy to help you with some Instagram tips for photographers on how to leverage the power of Instagram and enjoy all its benefits you gain time after time!

1. Be authentic

It’s important to start and keep going with your own unique personality. That’s what your followers expect from you and this will make them decide whether they like you or not. There’s no need to imitate anyone else, it always shows sooner or later when you’re not authentic.

11 Instagram Tips for Photographers

2. Be patient

It takes time to obtain followers, but it’s definitely rewarding to win an organic audience that will love your feed and your work. Don’t be disappointed if you have trouble increasing your followers. Make sure you keep trying as hard and creative as possible!

3. Be consistent

It’s easy to start with enthusiasm and gradually ignore Instagram, but it’s important to be consistent, in order to build an interesting feed. It’s a way to show to your followers that you care about them and you add new content on the pace you always did. Imagine posting at the beginning 5 photos per day and then post just 5 photos per month. Don’t you think your followers will tell the difference?

4. Be social

You can’t build an audience without being social. Engagement is very important and is the best way to create meaningful relationships with other people all over the world that share the same passion with you. Photography may be a lonely process, but you always have the opportunity to learn so many things from other photographers!

11 Instagram Tips for Photographers

5. Be creative

Instagram tips for photographers wouldn’t be the same without the (possibly) obvious tip on maintaining your creativity. Even if it’s obvious, it’s not always easy to be inspired, especially when you don’t have the chance to travel for a while. It’s important to see your own world from a new perspective from time to time, exploring your city and neighbourhood all over again. You might be surprised with what you didn’t notice before!

6. Be informed (on hashtags and trends)

It’s a great start to keep an eye on the popular Instagram trends and the hashtags that work better for photographers. Hashtags are really useful on Instagram and many users have grabbed their power to build a great audience. Don’t worry, we already have a post on Instagram hashtags for photographers and a FREE e-book on how to leverage your Instagram presence with the right use of hashtags. These will definitely help!

7. Be passionate

It might sound obvious once again, but sometimes you need an extra boost to find your lost passion. It might be useful to remind yourself from time to time how much you love photography and discover how other Instagram users expanded their perspective through Instagram. This way you always maintain your passion, while finding new opportunities to express yourself!

8. Be willing (to succeed)

Not everyone is really willing to succeed, as it’s quite easy to lose your interest if you don’t get the expected audience after a while. Are you willing to keep dedicating time on Instagram, staying focused and passionate on what you really love?

9. Be responsive

As you are creating a community with photographers and followers, it’s important to be responsive, to encourage conversation and to reply when asked anything. This way you show how much you care about your followers and how you appreciate the fact that they are spending time posting a comment to your photos. It always helps to increase your community!

11 Instagram Tips for Photographers

10. Be part of a whole

Being responsive and also commenting on others’ photos is an ideal way to be part of a bigger community, which may even lead to work opportunities or personal acquaintances. #CommunityFirst is thriving on Instagram and many users love the feeling of inclusion to a group of like-minded people. There are so many cases of people that collaborated and help each other through an Instagram post!

11.Be part of the fun

After 10 basic Instagram tips for photographers, we’re adding one more, which is probably the best one. Make sure you enjoy the process. It shows when someone loves Instagram and enjoys spending time on it (and it usually leads to better results on his/her feed). It’s not obligatory to be part of it and it’s definitely not a boring process. Enjoy every single photo, comment, chat an this will be the first step to success!!

What else would you add to the list? What worked better for you?

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