Autumn is ideal for photography, with new colours arising everywhere and nature calling for the perfect shot. For everyone that is fascinated by autumn and wants to capture its beauty, we prepared 10 tips to improve your autumn photography skills and showcase your new shots with pride. We were already impressed with your shots on our Autumn Photo Contest (your work is here), so imagine how your next photos will be!

Autumn Photography Tips by @printlnet

1. Photograph during sunrise and sunset for the best colors.

Did you know: the first and last hours of the sun every day are the best for light and color. You’ll be amazed with the colors you’ll notice! Also, a photo is better when shot late in the afternoon, when your shadow is longer than you are. The details lead to a better result!

2. Add Clouds

A clear sky may be boring, but clouds always make a great photo. Overcast days usually offer the best lighting!

3. Use a tripod.

Tripods may be very helpful, especially during difficult shots. Turn off your flash, set your ISO to 100 for a sharper detail and experiment with your shutter speed. A shutter of 1 to 3 seconds is ideal.


Another one taken a few years ago with my Canon 300D but too good not to post on here (don’t worry, the vast majority will still be iPhone-only pics!)

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4. Polarize your lens!

Did you know: A polarizing filter can increase the contrast in your photos and make your colors richer.

5. Test your white balance settings.

You don’t have to keep your camera in Auto mode all the time. Be ready to experiment and increase the numbers manually.

6. Try a macro lens or macro mode.

If you aim at a close-up picture, then a macro lens is what you need. If you don’t have one though, you can set you camera in macro mode, trying to get as close as possible.

7. Add Water.

Water may create great contrast with the rest of the scenery, giving you a perfect reflection.

8. Get Dirty

Don’t be afraid to get dirty for the perfect shot. Nothing great comes easy.

9. Be spontaneous

Sometimes it’s better to take candid photos, if you want to capture the moment, the emotion, the movement of your object. It might not work for every case, but don’t ignore it.

10. Notice the details

Everything may be interesting, providing that you know how to treat it. Notice every single detail in everyday objects and be careful with the composition. Subject and background are equally important! Did you find the tips useful? Share them with your friends! Follow Printl’s board Printl Autumn Photo Contest on Pinterest.